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Strategies of Success  
Strategies Of Success
To achieve success you will need to use a variety of strategies, such as those listed below.

Strategy 1 - Listen Carefully
Concentrate on what is being said and ignore other noise.
Ask questions if something is not clear.
Listen for the meanings and ideas behind the words.
Strategy 2 - Take clear notes
Write down only important facts and ideas.
Use your own words rather than those of the teacher.
Number the major points and make them into a sequence.
Strategy 3 - Choose the right place
Try to do your work in the same quiet place.
Ensure that your work place is well-lit to avoid tiring your eyes.
Keep your work space tidy.
Strategy 4 - Go further
Make it a habit to do some homework every day.
Identify and regularly use additional references e.g. encyclopedia.
Enroll at the local or central library and use their facilities regularly.
Strategy 5 - Revise effectively
Be specific and stick to your revision Timetable.
Revise in short bursts; stop when your mind begins to wander.
Try to reproduce notes on paper rather than just reading them.