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Principal’s Message  
Dear Parents
We live in the global era. We need the overall development of budding human resource of the country. A resource who is not only an adept but also an adjust to any situation. We need an individual who is completely dedicated to holistic attitude, who has scientific temperament, who is imbibed with the spirit of patriotism, secularism, equity, universal brotherhood and mutual harmony. An individual who is down to the earth and who adheres to the values.
We must put sincere efforts to make budding learners self confident and pragmatic global citizens. We must not leave any stone unturned to the best out of them, to hone and spur their innate potential and to humanize them completely.
The bookish knowledge alone cannot work. It must be entuned with contemporary analytical competencies and twenty first century skills: Confidence, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity. The budding learner must be well versed and trained to face the challenges of the abstract futurity.
We need to go unison to impart the education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased the intellect is expanded by which the budding learner becomes strong, self reliant and confident.
It is the era when not merely the fit but the fittest of the filttest will survive.
Warm Regards
Nisha Kaushik Principal
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