V.P.O - Haily Mandi, Gurgaon, Haryana - 123504
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Principal’s Message  

“Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression.”


Education forms a balance and harmonious individual who contributes to create a society where peace, prosperity, true justice, brotherhood and harmony prevail.


The motto of a child’s life should always be

“Goodness before greatness”

In school we equip the students with life skills so that they can safely sail their way through all high and low unpredictable situations of life.  They become empowered, confident, smart, have unparalleled knowledge, vibrant, dynamic and committed to make the world more beautiful and eco friendly.

I also believe that each child follows the beat of a different drummer at our school; we encourage students to be themselves.  Our students are given the space they need to discover and grow and change and experiment.

We also in school strive to raise the standard of every child so that they become the biggest asset not only to society but to whole nation.

Education shapes the life of an individual and instills values that govern all his choices in life.  As we all know that if we plan for a life time we must educate ourselves and it is education that determines the destiny of an individual 

We create a family atmosphere inspired by love and devotion to God and their fellowmen to promote integrated personal and social virtues.